About EJ Hearth

No sunflowers were harmed in the making of this photo.

I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and two dogs. I enjoy a plethora of foods, fresh air, and positivity. Most importantly, I enjoy writing novels.

Being an (unpublished) author since age 11 has planted me in the foundation of my dreams, which may sound like a load of you-know-what. But it’s true. Even if my books remain unpublished, I’ll continue to write because it brings me joy, which is all I want in a career and in life.

As I attempt to get published (and find ways to be happy and support my husband), I’ll be here sharing my thoughts and wonders of the fabulous and disastrous world we live in. I hope to insight you, delight you, fright you, or spark something within that can create a revolutionary or simple thought from me to you.

After graduating from college, I’ve found sharing thoughts and ideas that push beyond our boundaries of knowledge is something I crave more than spaghetti (and I LOVE spaghetti). I’ve also learned that sharing our thoughts and experiences help ground ourselves in one another’s realities. It’s easy to stay in our own world and forget there’s billions of others circling us each second.

So if there’s anything you need to know about me, then I’d say I’m here to learn and process life, like anyone else… only I’m going to write about it to share. I hope to connect you to the slices of realities that have affected me and give you thoughts that float on with you into your own reality.


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